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For more than 130 years, Danville, California, has experienced a dynamic journey of transformation and expansion. Often referred to as the "Heart of the San Ramon Valley," Danville's history dates back to a time when it was inhabited by Native Americans who resided near the creeks and sought shelter on Mount Diablo during the summer months. It later became part of Mission San Jose's grazing land and was included in a Mexican land grant known as Rancho San Ramon.

In 1910, a significant milestone was reached when a public high school district was established, leading to the construction of San Ramon Valley Union High School. The year 1913 marked the opening of a library under the supervision of Lillian Close, featuring an initial collection of 104 books. St. Isidore's Catholic Church was first established at Hartz and Linda Mesa in 1910, and the community witnessed the advent of streetlights and paved roads in 1915, thanks to the efforts of an improvement league.

Despite its agricultural roots, Danville began to witness significant changes in the mid-20th century. The construction of the new I-680 freeway in the mid-1960s, which left a lasting impact on the town. In 1982, Danville residents demonstrated a strong sense of community identity by choosing to incorporate their town, enabling them to have a more direct influence on shaping its future. Over the course of 130 years, Danville has evolved from a humble settlement by the creek to a vibrant and thriving community of over 45,000 residents, marking its enduring journey of growth and transformation.

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