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Alamo, located in Contra Costa County, California, is an unincorporated town bordering Danville to the north. It is the second oldest township in the county, with Martinez, the county seat, being the oldest. Spread over approximately 20 square miles, Alamo is nestled between the picturesque Las Trampas Hills and the iconic Mt. Diablo. The town earned its name from the abundant poplar trees that once adorned the surrounding hills, preserving its rural charm.

In the present day, Alamo continues to captivate residents with its serene beauty. Homes in the area often feature larger lots and a scarcity of sidewalks, contributing to the town's tranquil ambiance. The primary commercial hub serving the community can be found at the intersection of Stone Valley Road and Danville Blvd. For local recreational activities, Alamo boasts the Iron Horse Trail, a paved pathway that traverses the town and extends both north and south. It is a favorite spot for bikers, skaters, joggers, and dog walkers. Additionally, the accessibility of the Las Trampas Hills and Mt. Diablo makes hiking enthusiasts' dreams come true, while numerous parks are available for picnics and outdoor play.

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